Fleet Management

Fleet management benefiting from ALD Automotive services

You can benefit from all ALD Automotive services with our fleet management offer. You choose the way you finance your cars and we take care of it from maintenance to assistance going through all analysis to optimise costs.

Get all the advantages of ALD Automotive services for your fleet. Fleet management offers you the complete range of services you can find in full service leasing, the difference being that you finance your vehicle or already own it.

Your contract includes:
- A number of services from ALD Automotive (maintenance, assistance...)
- Support in the daily management of your fleet (through our maintenance department, you will be able to scheduled servicing and any repairs through our approved network of franchised dealers)
- You choose between a monthly fixed cost or an actual cost billing

The vehicle is yours
- You finance your vehicle
- Or you own your vehicle

Your advantages :

- You benefit from our negociated rates with car dealers and services providers related to your fleet
- You get a close follow up on your fleet thanks to reports you get from ALD Automotive, such as fleet costs, mileage, fuel costs....
- With ALD Automotive consulting approach your optimise your fleet cost and get solution for environmental impact of your fleet
- You can use ALD Automotive resales services to sell your cars

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