ALD Flex: greater flexibility for your mobility

ALD Flex is a simple, cost-effective medium-term mobility solution that combines the advantages of a fully serviced vehicle with on demand availability. 

Our goal is to make your life easier so all you need to do is choose a vehicle category with a full-service package and benefit from:

  • Fully equipped and expertly serviced vehicles 
  • 3 ranges of vehicle categories – compact, compact automatic and intermedium
  • Immediate availability
  • A set monthly rate per category
  • 1 flexible rental contract per vehicle 
  • Contract termination after 3 month whenever you like at no extra cost*

*Damage fees may apply

What's included image - with services optional-1

Easy choice - 3 vehicle categories 

Our catalogue of vehicles simplify the allocation process. With popular models at optimal prices, selection may also be made based on types of transmission, powertrain and CO2 emissions. Free upgrades are provided if a category is no longer available and a swap option is included for each category free of charge. All vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use.

When can ALD Flex help?

Facing new challenges, looking at new opportunities or simply need greater flexibility to support your business going forward? Our flexible offering has been designed to adapt to your medium-term mobility needs to let you concentrate on what you do best. 

Common needs for flexible mobility include:

  • Temporary projects or assignments,
  • Seasonal peaks in activity, 
  • Product launches,
  • Probation periods for new employees, 
  • Trial periods for new types of mobility such as electric vehicles. 

A great “tool” to have in your mobility “tool box” 

Designed as a complementary addition to our range of mobility solutions, ALD Flex allows you to:

  • Remove the hassle of working with multiple providers 
  • Optimize overall Total Cost of Mobility (TCO) by maximizing vehicle usage as needed 
  • Benefit from cost savings by removing hidden fees 
  • Alleviate administrative burden through simplified processes and delegated tasks 
  • Consolidate short-term mobility data for better decision making 
  • Benefit from the freedom of choosing what you think is best for your mobility strategy