General terms of using the car

The car has to be used according to the car manufacturer manuals and guidelines. It is strictly forbidden to use the car in conditions which may decrease the value of the car more than normal wear and tear.


It is NOT allowed to use the car:

  • for towing trailers or similar objects;
  • for racing and competitions;
  • for its renting or any type of commercial passenger carrying, driving lessons, etc.

The rental payment INCLUDES (if not stated otherwise in contract):

  • contract mileage;
  • regular technical maintenance;
  • normal wear and tear repairs;
  • summer and winter tires;
  • compulsory technical inspection;
  • insurance policies.

The rental payment DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • fuel and vehicle-related products;
  • cleaning and washing;
  • installation, removal and repairs of accessories;
  • fines and penalties;
  • windshield washing liquid;
  • insurance franchise;
  • expenses for any damages apart from normal wear and tear or insurance case;
  • replacement of missing, damaged or consumed components;
  • repairs required due to inappropriate use of the vehicle (e.g. use of inappropriate fuel or technical liquids, lack of technical liquids, failure to service and maintain vehicle in due time);
  • repairs resulting from modifications to the initial structure of the vehicle or if parts that are not permitted by the manufacturer have been fitted on the vehicle.
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