Fuel card

Fuel credit card

  • With Fuel Credit Card issued by ALD Automotive you can purchase fuel, car-related goods (e.g. washing liquid etc.) and pay for services available at petrol stations

  • Invoices on the goods and services will be sent to your company together with the monthly invoice

  • Please don't forget to provide correct mileage of your car upon each fueling (mileage has to be entered in POS terminal before PIN code, if requested)

  • In order to prevent your fuel credit card abuse, always keep the PIN code in a safe place or, better, remember it by heard

  • In case you have forgotten or lost your PIN code, ALD Automotive will issue you a new fuel credit card or/and re-send the PIN code. 


  • With the CIRCLE K Europe Fuel Credit Card, it possible to pay at all the petrol stations (also outside Lithuania) that bear the Routex logo. Further information can be found: https://www.circlek.lt/ , www.routex.com or https://www.circlek.eu/.
  • The list of all STATOIL fuel stations in Baltics you may find in in mobile application MyALD.

 If your fuel card is LOST or STOLEN:

  • ALWAYS inform ALD Automotive the same day within working hours or the next working day by phone No +370 5 24 777 68

  • if this case happened non business hours, please call IMMEDIATELY to Fuel Suppliers in order to block the fuel card:
                        CIRCLE K (24/7) - short phone No 1877

                        NESTE (24/7) - phone No + 370 5 212 33 57

Contact us:
+370 5 24 777 68