Traffic accidents

What to do if You are involved in a traffic accident?


  • Turn on the emergency lights and set up the warning triangle. Never forget to wear safety vest at any time of the day;

  • If possible, fill in the ACCIDENT STATEMENT (in Lithuanian lanquage), WHEN:

    • two cars are involved and both may be used further in traffic (no need for towing);
    • there are no victims;
    • both parties can agree on the curcumstances of the accident;
    • third party property is not damaged.
  • Otherwise immediately call the Police and Emergency 112, if necessary;   

  • If the car can not be used further in traffic and need towing, call

24h Roadside Assistance by phone +370 5 243 14 10

  • ALWAYS inform ALD Automotive about accident case happened the same day within working hours (8:30 - 17:00h) or the next working day by

Customer Service Phone No.: +370 24 777 68.



  • ALL further steps, related with accident case handling will be done by ALD Automotive: our specialists will CHECK the car, PREPARE all documents to insurance comopany, NEGOTIATE about the repair volume and time with Repair shop.
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