Roadworthiness test

Roadworthiness tests (MOT tests)

Information about the service

This service is optional. To find out if it is covered by your agreement please contact your manager.

  • Please note the State Compulsory roadworthiness test date and undergo it in due time. The expire date may be checked HERE - Association of Lithuanian technical check up center's web page;
  • ALD Automotive will remind you on the roadworthiness test date and the procedure by phone, e-mail or SMS. Click here to see full list of Technical check up centers or visit Association of Lithuanian technical check up center's web page;
  • The appointment for compulsary technical check up may be booked electronically by ourself on the webside
  • If your Agreement includes the service "Pick up and Delivery", a specialist from ALD will contact you and organise the technical check up for your vehicle;
  • The costs of the roadworthiness test are included in the lease agreement and paid by ALD Automotive unless stipulated in the agreement;
  • The company car or road tax should be paid, compulsary motor third party liability insurance should be prolonged by you or your company before the roadworthiness test unless stipulated otherwise in the agreement;
  • All fines for administrative offenses has to be paid before the roadworthiness test, otherwise it will be impossible to pass inspection;
  • If you plan to undergo the roadworthiness test sooner than the set date, and also in other matters, please contact the

  ALD Customer Service by phone No + 370 5 24 777 68

(Monday-Friday 8:30-17:00)


For new motor vehicler registered in 2013 or later, the FIRST technical inspection have to be carried out:

  • for passenger M1 category cars after 3 years, afterwards - once in 2 year;
  • for commercial B1 category cars after 2 years, afterwards - once per year. 
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