Tyre change and storage

Information about the service

This service is optional. To find out if it is covered by your agreement please contact your manager.

  • ALD Automotive provides seasonal tyre change and storage as well as replacement of worn out tyres;
  • Tyres to be used during next season are stored at our partners providing tyre storage and replacement services. Click here to see full list of ALD Automotive tyre partners centers;
  • After the tyre change our specialists evaluate the condition of the tyres placed in storage. Worn out tyres for next season are replaced with new tyres;
  • We will contact you and remind you of the necessity to change the tyres and how to book an appointment;
  • The appointment may be booked electronically by ourself on our Partner's webside https://melga.lt/module/prautoservicereservation/time_tyre_change 
  • If your Agreement includes the service "Pick up and Delivery", a specialist from ALD will contact yuo and organise the tyre change for your vehicle.


  • The minimal allowed wear of summer tyres is 1,6mm. For winter tyres - 3mm
  • The use of winter tyres is compulsory in the period from 10 th November till 31st March
  • Take attention, that in Southern and Central Europe it is forbidden to use studded tyres. In Lithuania the use of studded tires is allowed within period from 1st November till 10th April.
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